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$20.00The Church Growth Leader’s Index

This questionnaire, which comes in packets of 50, is a reflective tool to help leaders think through their church growth potential based on their understanding of leadership, the church, and the Great Commission. This is a great tool for leadership training, starting a discussion on leadership, or a leadership retreat.


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Church Vitality Profile

Discover the vitality of your church in eight categories:

  • Spiritual Health
  • Local Environmental Factors
  • Worldview
  • Attitude
  • Leadership
  • Programming
  • Openness to Change, and
  • Assimilation/Ministry to Inactives

This is a tool that begins with a questionnaire answered by a cross-section of your leadership. You return the questionnaire and, in a few weeks, receive a report of over twenty pages directed to your congregation. It will pinpoint which areas of vitality in your church are strong and where you need improvement. Each area is displayed in graphic form so you can demonstrate your vitality profile to otehrs in your congregation.

When added together, these eight areas will determine your congregation’s position on a Growth Probability Scale. This graph will instantly demonstrate how closely your congregation falls in the area of maximum effectiveness for God’s work. Each category will include recommendations from a Church Doctor consultant who will personally provide you action-oriented steps to improve your church.

Many congregations use this too as an annual health “checkup” from a Church Doctor.



Discover Your Windows Questionnaire

Help the people of your church discover their biblical—or unbiblical—worldviews!

The self-discovery process through this engaging questionnaire provides members with multiple-choice answers. Upon scoring the questionnaire, they discover whether or not their vision lines up with God’s.

Based on the best-selling book Discover Your Windows: Lining Up With God’s Vision, this questionnaire is a great discussion starter. It is the ideal way to start a Bible class series or sermon series on the ten chapters of Discover Your Windowsthat deal with the biblical worldviews that impact the productivity of the church the most.

The license for this questionnaire, once purchased, allows the congregation to print as many copies as desired. You can survey your leadership and staff or the entire congregation.

As people process the information reflected in this questionnaire, you will start a discussion at the very heart of what drives behavior among members of the church. This questionnaire is the beginning of a process that will help you help the people of your church think like Jesus.


$ 98.00

70 Days of Vision Campaign Resource Kit

A 10-, 9-, or 8-week small group and preaching effort that transforms your local congregation at the origin of change: biblical worldviews. However you fit the Vision Campaign into the life of your church, our prayer for you is for transformational change. It happens when people say, “this is a different church,” and it signals increased vitality, health, joy, and focus to bring God’s Kingdom to the people of your community.

When you purchase your 70 Days of Vision Campaign Resource Kit, you will receive both hard-copy and digital editions of :

  • A cover letter
  • Campaign Brochures
  • Advertising and Outreach Material
  • Bulletin Announcements
  • The Campaign Timetable
  • The Prayer Guide and Prayer Schedule
  • Discover Your Windows Questionnaire
  • Small Group Discussion Starters for Small Group Leaders
  • Preaching Helps and Model Messages
  • Message PowerPoints 
My Spiritual Gifts Profile

$ 2.00

Spiritual Gifts Profile

You can’t understand where you should serve God in your church unless you know your spiritual gifts.

This survey is one of the two or three most widely used spiritual gifts discovery tools in the world. It is available in quantities for congregational-wide spiritual gifts discovery.

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