Common Terms

Holy Discontent: A pre-revival/awakening condition in which loyal, involved, and committed Christians experience a new and increasing level of passion and desire to help their church to become more effective for the Great Commission effort – to make disciples (Matthew 28:19-20). (See spiritual restlessness)

Spiritual Restlessness: A desire and interest among Christians who are “early adopters” in the beginning stages major movement of exponential growth of the faith. Those who, ignited by the Holy Spirit, have a commitment for helping their local congregation become more missionally effective (see Holy Discontent). They are highly committed to their church and carry the spiritual DNA of an “awakening” among Christians, which precedes a revival in the land.

Spiritual Entrepreneurs: Those Christians, especially in a new or renewed movement of God, who are especially attracted to cutting-edge approaches of advancing the Kingdom of God in ways that bring discipleship growth. These are creative Christians who have unique awareness of how and where God is moving in a particular culture and able to harness the approaches for the spiritual vitality of a local church.

J-Dog Generation, The: Gen Y 20-something Christians who are hyper-trained in boot camp deployment by spiritual formation, discipleship and missionary development. Those specifically equipped as spiritual networkers for the cause of Christian discipleship and mission.

Culture, Christian: The DNA of the biblical Christian church, consisting of values, beliefs, attitudes, priorities, and worldviews of the New Testament church; the environment for a healthy and productive church.

Missional Windows: (See worldviews, missional). Worldviews, Missional: 10 biblical worldviews that, in part, provide the culture for an effective Christian church. The way Christians look at the world and way the world works, especially the world of the church and the way that the world of church works. Often described as windows, that guides behavior which results in productive Christianity.

Spiritual Yeast: The culture of the church that impacts missional effectiveness for a local congregation. The ingredients which affect all the activities of a church, to rise to its God-given potential.

Drift, Church: The tendency of a Christian church to wander from original values, beliefs, attitudes, priorities, and worldviews, which causes inability to function truthfully. (See Culture, Christian)

Ecclesiastical Work Righteousness: The propensity for church members to focus on projects and programs rather than spiritual formation and discipleship, the result of which is plateau and/or decline.

Theological Microwaving: The propensity for a Christian church to focus on quick-fix, program-orientated approaches to the Christian movement, seeking instant results which lacks spiritual transformation, leaving the church spiritually impotent.

Philosophy of Ministry: The personality of a Christian church, often described by a short statement or video presentation, describing the uniquenesses which differentiate it from other churches in the same area or denominational background.

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