The Future Is Now:  How God Is Moving in the 21st Century

Are you a ministry leader wondering what’s next? Ever ask yourself, where have all the people gone? Think your ministry can do better at reaching more people? The Future Is Now reveals how God is moving and working in the church today. This book presents key strategies needed to increase effectiveness in ministry and mission. The time is now for you to read this book, because God is moving now!  Download



The J-Dog Journey: Where Is Life?

The story that started it all for Servants Equipping New Disciples, SEND North America. Read the story of a young man looking for direction and God’s plan for his life. Discover, just has he did, that God has a plan, even when we think He doesn’t. Discover there are places God is calling you, places you’ve never even imagined. Discover, through taking on a new adventure, how you can find God, find yourself, and find your passion and purpose in life. Be prepared to be challenged and changed. If you’re a young adult searching, read this book. If you are a parent, pastor, or ministry leader who knows a young adult who may be called by God for something great, share this story with him or her.  Download

Discover Your Windows:  Lining Up With God’s Vision

After interviewing 15,000 church members and surveying 18,000 more, Kent Hunter shows many people operate from a worldview that is not biblical. By reading this book, you can review your own approach to Christianity and see how you measure up. Discover…

  • Your purpose determines your mission.
  • Your comfort determines your sacrifice.
  • Your image determines your impact.
  • Your desire determines your priorities.
  • Your blessings determine your giving.
  • Your abundance determines your possibilities.
  • Your past determines your future.
  • Your pastor determines your potential.
  • Your giftedness determines your involvement.
  • The power of God determines your attitude.

This best-selling book will make you a different person.  $ 14.00

Move Your Church to ActionMove Your Church to Action

A healthy, thriving church, active with purpose and a sense of mission, is a goal upon which all Christians can agree. Yet the path to that goal—and especially the first steps along the way—are often difficult to achieve. This book provides clear, practical guidance on how to implement simple, direct strategies for change.  $ 13.00

Your Church Has PersonalityYour Church Has Personality: Find Your Focus—Maximize Your Mission

The church is a living body of Christ. Every church has its own personality. To discover it and to communicate it to others is a key outreach strength. This book offers a step-by-step process for developing a philosophy of ministry. This philosophy of ministry can become a printed or video brochure/DVD to help your congregation communicate what you have to offer.  $ 13.00

Jesus EnterpriseThe Jesus Enterprise

How would Jesus minister to someone with a nose ring or purple hair? This book says He would engage him in a relevant way. Enterprising ministry meets people’s needs, develops relationships, and shares God’s love. What is your posture toward culture? Do you retreat, ignore, or judge? The Jesus Enterprise will show you terms of engagement that will turn your Christianity 180 degrees toward relevance and effectiveness. Learn about the cutting-edge ministries the most exciting churches are using today. From rock-climbing walls to skateboard parks, from interactive worship to cyber cafes, you, too, can join the Jesus Enterprise.  $ 18.00

Foundations For Church GrowthFoundations for Church Growth:  Biblical Basics for the Local Church

This is the fundamental resource for understanding church growth from the biblical perspective. Used throughout the world, translated into numerous languages, used by churches, seminaries, and Bible colleges, this is the best manual for training members to think, understand, and practice biblical church growth in their personal lives and in their church. This book includes a glossary of church growth terms. It represents an introduction to a church growth course on a Doctor of Ministry level put into words every Christian can understand and put to use.  $ 10.00

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