Church Doctor Ministries is known around the world for the world class tools and resources we have developed to help pastors, ministry leaders, and all Christians become more effective at reaching more people for Christ. Our mission and calling is to provide materials and resources to meet the needs of the local church today.

We do this by leveraging a diverse group of trained experts and ministry professionals who research and development cutting edge materials.

We also firmly believe in making as many as these tools available to those who need and will benefit from them at a very low cost. It most cases we provide materials and resources at no cost.

We operate from a non-profit ministry model mindset. In 30 years of ministry we have given away thousands of dollars in resources and materials. We are blessed to be a blessing to other Christians in this way.

For our most recent online video teaching resource on burn out in ministry please click here.

For a complete listing of all of our resources please download our catalog.

For pricing and ordering information please email or call Jason Atkinson, 1.800.626.8515

(Sure we could have you order online…but then we wouldn’t get to talk to you and learn about your ministry!)

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