Forty years ago, a group of 50 U.S. Christian authors, mega-church pastors, and mission professors gathered in Pasadena, California. We launched the American Society for Church Growth.

One of those leaders, Dr. Gary McIntosh, recently invited me to dinner. His comments struck me: “Kent, most of us have just repackaged church growth over and over again, but you guys at Church Doctor continue to develop new cutting-edge help for churches.”

Did you know that the U.S. leads the world in research and development (R&D)? Twenty-nine percent of all new breakthroughs come from the U.S. Only fourteen percent come from China and twenty-four percent from all of the countries in Europe, combined. Who do you know that creates cutting-edge innovation for the Great Commission? The answer? Several parachurch ministries. What about for the Great Commission effectiveness for the local church? Read more…

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