How do we reach people when we are social distancing? That is the question on every pastor’s mind, right? You want to find ways that will meet normal ministry standards, but what is normal now, during/after COVID-19? At Church Doctor Ministries, we have taken one of our most popular assessments and adapted it. Readiness for Renewal is a completely online assessment that will help you determine if, even during the COVID-19 pandemic, you and your congregation are ready to explore how you can increase spiritual formation, multiply discipleship, and expand your community influence and impact.

Requesting a quote takes less than a minute, and when you request the Readiness for Renewal quote, you receive a FREE e-book about how you can Adapt and Thrive! Partnering with Church Doctor Ministries to renew ministry at your church means investing in you, your people, and your community. Once you commit to that, the Readiness for Renewal assessment takes, on average, 15 minutes. Each member of the church, the pastor, and the staff are encouraged to participate so we see a well-rounded view of the ministry taking place.

After you and your congregation complete the online assessment, Church Doctor Ministries will offer a customized report and follow-up coaching to help your church stay moving in the right direction. We want you to see where God is working and moving in your church even now. This assessment is an easy and affordable investment in your ministry and community to take positive steps forward into 2021 and beyond.

Change is never easy, and we understand that COVID-19 is making ministry even more challenging than it was before. With the Readiness for Renewal assessment and follow-up coaching, Church Doctor Ministries looks forward to partnering with you to make disciples. We are ready to help churches adapt and thrive in ministry as we all learn how to make a lasting impact on our churches, ministry partners, and communities.


Ready to get started? Here’s the link to get a free quote, today!

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