One of the hottest research topics of this decade revolves around the millennial generation, sometimes called GenY.  Most experts put this generation of young adults between the ages of 18 and 29.  They represent those born from 1980-2000.  Today, they are coming of age as a powerful block of society.  They number 80,000,000 in the US alone, and everyone wants to know more about them.

From the angle of commerce, the research group Telefo´nica, in partnership with the Financial Times commissioned a research project in which 12,171 online quantitative interviews were conducted among millennials 18-30, across 27 countries.  Focusing on spiritual matters, both the Pew Foundation and The Barna Group have conducted extensive research among young adults of this generation in the US.

Perhaps one of the most challenging trends in the US is the massive exodus of young adults from Christian churches.  As a consultant of churches, Church Doctor Ministries knew about this long before the research.  When we conducted diagnostic consultations in churches, it includes a thorough assessment of those in worship, including their ages.  We confirmed long ago that the profile of most Protestant churches could be summarized in three words: plateaued, declining, and aging.  The demographic chart of almost every church shows very low percentages of those in worship between 18 and 29.  This should sound an alarm for every church leader.

Our research has taken us to Europe, which regularly precedes North America in spiritual trends.  In 2001, we discovered a new and hopeful reality across the Atlantic: there are churches where young adults are not only returning to faith, but leading the way to a revival.  We have returned to England each year for the last twelve years to study this trend.  What we have learned is encouraging.  However, American churches need to act now.

The Reaching Young Adults learning event is the sum total of what we have gained in this effort that has consumed more than a decade.  Anyone can—and should—read the research reports.  We have gone a step further in this learning event, to provide the strategic efforts that can help a church keep and reach young adults.

This learning event builds on the research and our own experience with hundreds of churches in North America and interaction with hundreds of Christian young adults in Europe.  Reaching Young Adults is a one-day event summarizing the profile of the young adult generation and translating what that means for the local church to keep them and to reach them.

Surprisingly, the young adult, millennial generation represents the best chance the world has seen to reach the masses for Christ since the early church.  Consequently, Reaching Young Adults goes beyond keeping those who are already Christians, and beyond reaching more young adults.  This learning event is focused also on empowering this generation as the most important element of potential revival that God has given to the church in centuries.

Young adults are natural networkers, and are wired relationally.  They will not “play church” but are committed to authenticity and have the potential to reach the world for Jesus Christ.  We have witnessed this among young adults leading revival level outreach in parts of Africa, Asia, South America, and Europe.  You will receive guidance, direction of resources and services to equip young adults.  Young adults are the backbone of the next great move of God.  No Christian with a heart for God’s church should miss this event.

For more information about this teaching event please contact Terry Atz at 1.800.626.8515 or email,

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