Reaching the Unchurched Immersion Excursion — October 2017

Church Doctor Ministries Presents
Reaching the Unchurched Immersion Excursion 

October 5-8, 2017 at LakePointe Church

ReachingTheUnchurchedFIAbout LakePointe Church:
LakePointe, located in Hot Springs, Arkansas, is a mainline denominational church (Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod) that has grown from 0 to 1,000+ in worship in 7 years, and spun off church plants in Knoxville and Nashville, Tennessee.

In pasts year, LakePointe had more baptisms than any of the other 5,000 churches in the denomination, anywhere in the U.S.

Your congregation will not likely become a clone of LakePointe. However, your exposure to this ministry will give you transferable insights and principles that can be incorporated in any church. These are basic missional concepts played out in real-life ministry.

The secularization of the U.S. has resulted in broken lives, dysfunctional families, unhealthy lifestyles, and a great sense of hopelessness. This experience will allow you to “catch” new paradigms for effective church and ministry.

Pioneering Ministries
We believe LakePointe Church is yet another expression of the predicted revival, which is already beginning in the U.S. We are providing this Immersion Excursion because revival includes an awakening in existing churches.

Church Doctor Ministries has partnered with LakePointe for an Immersion Excursion: A learning experience in which this cutting-edge philosophy of ministry can be taught, and, more importantly, caught.

Church Doctor Ministries has chosen LakePointe primarily because of the excellence of “doing church” in a sound, biblical approach, yet translated for contemporary unchurched Americans.

LakePointe is implementing pioneering ministry efforts in the city and surrounding areas of Hot Springs, Arkansas. You will experience first-hand these pioneering efforts to reach those in the community not being served by any other local church.

Learning Topics
On this Immersion Excursion you will learn biblical and practical ways to:

  • Do ministry in a postmodern culture.
  • Reach “twenty-somethings.”
  • Attract unchurched members of your community with key outreach strategies.
  • Bring the New Testament culture of God’s revival back to your church.


  • $250/person with $100 nonrefundable deposit Includes:
    • Teaching and consultation with LakePointe Church leaders
    • Teaching and debriefing by the Church Doctor Team
    • Materials and resources
  • You are responsible for your own travel and lodging arrangements to and from Hot Springs, Arkansas. You are urged to raise money from support partners in your church to help with trip costs. And then, upon return, share with them your experience.

Reserve your spot on the team today: Fill out the online application. (We are not accepting applications at this time.)

Print and Share PDF Flyer

Read more about Immersion Excursions in this booklet from Kent R. Hunter.

Visit to learn more about LakePointe Church.

Contact Wendy Kratzman of Church Doctor Ministries at 1-800-626-8515  or to discuss attending.

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