Fall 2023 New Release Book Bundle


Get all 3 of our new book releases in fall 2023 for one price!

  • The Amazing Power of God Stories: Every believer is a witness to the power and presence of Jesus in their lives. So, why don’t more people share their faith? Our research indicates that most Christ-followers don’t “witness” because they lack confidence. This new book resource offers practical examples and coaching to increase confidence and encourage you to share your story of God’s work in your lie with others. Start making a difference by starting to share your story!
  • Church Politics: Most churches today are organized after corporate America. They have a structure of governance that hinders the effectiveness of our mission. Many have drifted to a business model that strangles our primary objective to make disciples who make disciples. Few Christians want to lead in this toxic culture. Learn how to engage and equip leaders to advance the mission of the church following the leadership lessons of Jesus.
  • A Nation Reclaims Respect: Great nation-states, like the Roman Empire, have fallen, not through battles with foreign invaders, but through internal disrespect. “Respect” is described as “civility.” When you are not respectful, you are “uncivilized.” You can join the movement and rise above through seven practical lessons. The future of civilization depends on it!
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