Discover Your Windows Questionnaire



Help the people of your church discover their biblical — or unbiblical —worldviews! The self-discovery process through this engaging questionnaire provides members with multiple-choice answers. Upon scoring their questionnaire, they discover whether or not their vision lines up with God’s. Based on the best-selling book Discover Your Windows: Lining Up With God’s Vision, this questionnaire is a great discussion starter. It is the ideal way to start a Bible class series or sermon series on the 10 chapters of Discover Your Windows that deal with the biblical worldviews that impact the productivity of the church the most.

The license for this questionnaire, once purchased, allows the congregation to print as many copies as desired. You can survey your leadership and staff or the entire congregation.

As people process the information reflected in this questionnaire, you will start a discussion at the very heart of what drives behavior among members of the church. This questionnaire is the beginning of a process that will help you help the people of your church think like Jesus.

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