“There are many challenges to being a Christian.  We’re living in a changing world.  Unchurched people don’t get excited about what Christians have to say.  Unfortunately, in many cases we’ve blown our credibility.  We have to prove our relevance—demonstrate that God is real.

“We need to change.  We need to be attractive.  We need to speak the language of those outside the faith.  We won’t change the truth or the Bible.  Jesus is always the same.  But our methods and programs need to change.  So what will you do?  Say, “We’ve always done it that way!”?  Or, change for the cause of Jesus Christ?  My prescription?  Make the choice that will change someone for eternity.”

An Apple a Day, Kent R. Hunter

 “Intelligent people are always open to new ideas.  In fact, they look for them.”                

Proverbs 18:15 (NLT)

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