Do you remember the apostle Peter at Bethlehem, watching the birth of Jesus? No! He wasn’t there. Not physically nor spiritually!

Fast-forward about 33 years, and Peter is the keynote speaker at Pentecost. Three thousand people were baptized!

Soon afterward, Peter spoke again: “God exalted Jesus … leader and Savior to give forgiveness for sins. And we are witnesses of these things.”

Not long after that, the apostles realized they were bogged down in maintenance. They regained their mission focus and multiplied themselves. What happened? “And the number of disciples multiplied greatly.”

From a baby in a barn to a multiplication movement — in about 40 years. And this movement is still moving!

The Christmas miracle of God in the flesh and the movement miracle that changes the world, one believer at a time: that is how this Gift keeps on giving.

After 40 years of ministry and prayer, God’s harvest field is getting ripe! Unbelievers are more receptive. Our nation has, in many ways, become unglued, spiritually. Unbelievers are more hopeless than ever. Someone has said, “When it seems like everything is going to hell, heaven breaks in.”

Praise God for Jesus! Have an outstanding Christmas! Thank you for considering a generous gift for the work of bringing Jesus to those who are lost.

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We thank God for you!

Kent R. Hunter – Founder, Church Doctor Ministries
Tracee J. Swank – Leader, Church Doctor Ministries

Church Doctor Ministries is a member in good standing of The Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability. Contributions are solicited with the understanding that Church Doctor Ministries has complete discretion and control over the use of all donated funds.

Additional way to support Church Doctor Ministries:

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