Pastoral Coaching

We offer one on one coaching packages for pastors to help with various aspects of their personal and professional ministry development. Our coaches get to know you and work with you on your agenda. Coaching is powerful tool to help you achieve all that God is calling you to.


Coaching for Missional Preaching, a specialized area of coaching. 

Most pastors wish their members were more outreach-oriented; that their church was more missional. Many members wish their pastor could help them connect the dots in ministry, mission, and outreach. This service helps pastors preach and teach in ways that develop a missional mentality.

How It Works…
~ Submit three sermons on a CD to Church Doctor Ministries.
~ Your Church Doctor will listen to and analyze these three sermons.
~ This is followed by a one-hour coaching phone call with the Church Doctor and the pastor, made by appointment.
~ The pastor receives a one-to-two page written report with specific, tangible recommendations about preaching for missional thinking.

Follow up coaching is available as you continue to work through the recommendations provided.

Onsite worship audits are also available as part of the coaching process.

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