Pastor, If you’re looking for a real partner in ministry, not just some one from the outside superimposing the latest hot button trend on your church, consider talking with one of our associates. We have a heart for the Great Commission and we are called to help you and your congregation.

Ministry Services Summary

Specialization and Resource Catalog

Church Doctor Ministries offers a diverse selection of services, tools, and resources specifically designed for pastors to aid in their personal and professional ministry development.

We offer one on one coaching, complete diagnostic consultation services tailored to meet your needs, as well as teaching events for you, your staff team, and your entire congregation.

Looking to get into ministry? Change ministries?

Considering leaving the ministry?

Big decisions! Get professional help from those who know churches and ministry best with a Personal Career Consultation!

This is a confidential consulting (not counseling) process to help you make a decision about God’s direction or new direction for your life and service in His Kingdom. Specifically designed for pastors.

You can expect the following features from your Personal Career Consultation:

  • A confidential, professional guide to help you.
  • The use of certified, high-quality surveys and tests that have been useful for career counseling for years.
  • A personal approach with a Church Doctor who has an authentic commitment to the Body of Christ and extensive experience in the church environment.
  • A clear understanding of who God made you to be, to help you discern what it is God is calling you to do.
  • Suggested resources that may apply, to give you further direction.
  • Phone call conversations at the beginning and the end of the process.

You will benefit from the Personal Career Consultation in the following ways:

  • You will discover a friend who is objective, safe, and committed to your successful fit for God’s work.
  • You will enjoy the complete safety from risk through the guaranteed confidentiality of a Church Doctor who is totally outside your system (church, denomination, fellowship).
  • You will learn about yourself at a much higher level.
  • You will appreciate the encouraging and empowering style of a consultation process based on the “affirm and build” model that focuses on the strengths, gifts, and passions God has given you.
  • You will celebrate the partnership of a Church Doctor who will become a long-distance friend, but is close enough to you in your journey to find your place in the Body of Christ.

If you are looking at making a change, this type of service can help.

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