A Paradigm Shift for Missional Churches – November/December 2019 Church Doctor Report

Did anyone see it coming? Did you ever think about the massive number of baby boomer pastors retiring? Has anyone asked the critical question: “Why are Bible colleges and seminaries scrambling to get young adults to consider God’s call to ministry?”

What is the issue behind the issue — and the issues behind that? First, consider this: Retirement is foreign to Scripture. The Apostle Paul said it himself: Philippians 1:22, “As long as I am in this body, there is good work for me to do.” (He was speaking as a prisoner in jail!)

To be fair, some pastors are not succumbing to the “retirement mindset” per se, but actually participating in “refirement.” They are taking on a different type of ministry that better suits their aging bodies or other personal circumstances. Great!

But most pastors, if you privately interview them, as I have, are burned out, discouraged, tired of working so hard just to see their congregation continue to decline. And, they see a non-denominational church just down the road, flourishing! What is the issue behind that issue?

Kent R. Hunter goes on to address the following questions/topics in this issue of The Church Doctor Report.

  • Mission Field Training
  • An Adaptive Strategy
  • Two Tracks for Pastors
  • Hands-On Apprenticing
  • Multiplication
  • Females in Ministry
  • Getting Our Attention

Church Doctor Report - November/December 2019

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