muti-hued-tulips“Somehow, the ‘outreach’ of the church became the work of a committee or staff person.  It became a program.  In the process, the Christian Movement lost the essence of its power — on the human side of the equation.  By the ‘human side,’ it means that God uses people to reach people… People don’t become Christians without some other Christian connecting with them….

“The Christian faith is supposed to be like a virus. People catch it from one another through everyday contact. By making the church over organized … many churches have successfully inoculated Christians from ‘infecting’ others in their social networks with the love of Jesus.”

Kent Hunter, from Healthy Churches Thrive!

Have you “assigned” sharing faith to someone else? Is your faith visible enough, alive enough to infect others?

Lord Jesus, we ask you to give us the courage and the wisdom to use the grace You have showered us with to stir up our faith, gift from You, that we may give it to others. May we begin infecting others with the love of You today!

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