Not Comfortable With Either Candidate? Focus on the Platform, Not the Person

Disclaimer: As you read this, I begin with a few important facts:

  1. I am indebted to Dr. Jim Garlow at Skyline Church in San Diego.
  2. I do not intend to tell you how to vote.
  3. I do want you to overcome a crippling issue that plagues our nation (and most churches).
  4. I admit that, along with most people I have met during this election cycle, I too was “in a fog.” I couldn’t “see the forest for the trees.” In my gut, my background in scriptural truth leans my vote, but I couldn’t clarify why. This is a common conundrum in churches we have consulted. I was emotionally too close. Thank you, Jim Garlow, for what you’ve done for me. Ironically, it is the same thing our Church Doctors have done for hundreds of churches!

This is not about how to vote, but how to decide. Ideology and worldviews, presuppositions and values are often “hidden” by the focus on personalities. This has become intensified in this election. The stakes may be higher, from the Christian perspective, than at any other time in history.

Behind decisions, directions, and actions is a set of values, beliefs, attitudes, priorities, and worldviews. The focus — whether in a church, nation, or an election — is usually on the visible decisions, directions, and actions. Often, you have to dig for the driving force.

Read the full PDF version of this Church Doctor Report.

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