In most cases, especially in the United States and those countries where churches are required to incorporate and or register, it is vital to seek the advice and services of an attorney experienced in such activity. Though it is relationally helpful to have a Christian attorney available, it is not always advisable if that particular attorney does not possess the experience sought.

It is advisable to seek a firm or attorney who has had experience incorporating and registering a church. The cost will be well worth it when it comes to making certain all the proper papers have been filed and recorded. In time there will be real estate and buildings purchased or built that will require a great deal of legal work. An experienced firm will lend valuable assistance during such times. It is certainly the goal of every church planter to eliminate any foreseeable liability that could cost more than what he wishes to spend, instead spending the funds initially.

In most cases a good attorney can be acquired through a quick glance of the telephone book. A simple phone call to collect the appropriate data will quickly inform the church leader whether to make an appointment. It is reasonable to ascertain up-front the fees and procedure for fees and compare costs with other potential legal advisers. The goal is to establish a working relationship that will go on for years to come.

Also contacting area churches discovering what firm they are associated with can be valuable in selecting the appropriate attorney for the church. In the end, set an appointment, visit attorneys and determine which one is a good fit for you and the church.

Dennis L. Kutzner, Certified Risk Assessor
Church Doctor Ministries


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