amyMy name is Amy Sutula, and I’m from Loveland, Colorado. I am participating in SEND North America, an equipping experience for young adults, ages 18-29, that focuses on spiritual formation, discipleship, and mission training. First and foremost I decided to participate in SEND because I was personally instructed to by God. That being (rather bluntly) said, I was earnestly seeking God’s will for my life and was given the opportunity to attend the student missions conference, URBANA, and learned about SEND. I have felt strongly called to mission work since I was 10 or 11 and ultimately determined that SEND was the most helpful, expedient, and valuable place to proceed. I have found the training to be productive and influential in the development of both spiritual growth and mission focus. It has truly been the best “next step” I could have taken toward fulfilling my personal commission. The teaching/training mix has expanded my Christian worldview, opened my heart toward appropriate social justice, conditioned my spirit to the opportunity that is servant leading, revolutionized my personal relationship with each part of the triune God.

I have learned more about who I am in Christ in the past three months than in my entire lifetime in church, Christian school, and personal study.

It is my earnest and only desire to reach out to those around me, leading by example to heal the broken, free those trapped by evil, and speak the grace of God into the lives of everyone I meet. Thank you, Church Doctor Ministries, for providing SEND training for young adults.

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