Dan Cloetter“Churches can be busy but not in the Great Commission.” This is just one of the key points Church Doctor Ministries, made at the LCMC (Lutheran Congregations in Mission for Christ) Convention. The topic “Burn-Out or Burn-On” spoke directly to me. Church Doctor Ministries has worked with several congregations I have served. It is partly on account of this ministry that I developed a deeper passion for the Great Commission. Yet, at one point in ministry I got so caught up in God’s work that I lost sight of God’s mission.  The congregation and I both suffered as a result.

In this presentation about “Burn-out or Burn-on,” they spoke about Moses, God and the “burning bush.” They shared that the bush was on fire because God was in it; yet, the bush didn’t burn up because God was in it. Moses became on fire for God and God used him to accomplish the impossible. God was in Moses. The prescription was spot on for me and for all who want to experience resurrection and revival: spend time, personally, in God’s Word; remain in prayer; balance your life with rest and work; and, learn that church work is never done.

Dan Cloeter, Pastor, St. Paul Lutheran Church, Osceola, NE


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