Thirty-three years ago I met a presenter from Church Doctor Ministries at a conference inroger Pensacola, Florida.  Our church was involved in the two-year church growth process, along with other churches in our region.  I learned about the Great Commission in a way I never understood before.  It changed my life.

Soon after that I participated in a mission trip with Church Doctor Ministries.  We went to Kazakhstan in 1996.  It was the first time I really started to practice the Great Commission mission.  I was challenged to do intercessory prayer.  Church Doctor Ministries is really good at challenging people to grow spiritually and in mission.  Church Doctor helped me discover my spiritual gifts.  I put them to use in Kazakhstan.

The reason my wife and I pray for and support Church Doctor Ministries is that this is a ministry that analyzes and helps churches.  This is what is needed.  Churches need help.  Churches that ignore help lose out.  Church Doctor Ministries helps churches to grow.  So I’m helping those at Church Doctor Ministries spread the gospel.

Ever since my wife and I have supported Church Doctor Ministries, I have learned what Church Doctor Ministries teaches from the Bible: you can’t out-give God.  We pray regularly for Church Doctor Ministries because it has made me a discipler.  It really works!

Roger Shaw, Florence, Montana


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