Ballmer'sOur church recently participated in the Church Doctor Outreach Clinic. The clinic demonstrated that outreach can be accomplished quite simply and fearlessly. Christian relationships are not taught – they are made – just like friends. We both are afflicted with “holy discontent.” We believe there must be more we can do and a better way to do it. The Outreach Clinic demonstrated for us and our church that the frustration that we sometimes derive from discontent can be readily converted to energy to do “something” – and that “something” did not have to be a complex program of box-checking, step-taking and programmed instructions.

We have seen and experienced immediate attitude adjustments, softened hearts, less grumbling, increased gratitude, new faces and a clarity of mission and purpose. We are experiencing an awakening, acknowledging God and asking Jesus to equip us to impact friends, neighbors, the city, state, country and the globe for His church. Revival is upon us.

Joe and Diane Ballmer, Members of Mayfair-Plymouth Congregational Christian Church, Toledo, OH

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