pennyI joined Church Doctor Ministries in October, 2013. I live in Bluffton, Indiana with my husband, John, and our four great kids. During my short time at CDM, I have received great encouragement about what God is doing among the Church in America. As a pastor’s wife, I have walked with my husband through struggles that come with trying to help a local church to remain relevant and faithful to fulfilling the Great Commission. I have faced periods of discouragement but through it all, my hope has remained strong: hope that God still moves in mighty ways through the local church and hope that we are not alone as work for Him. Today I am part of a ministry team that not only shares my hope, but also works diligently as a guide for the local church through the (sometimes) painful process of realigning priorities with God’s heart.

Penny Cole,  Consultation Coordinator, Church Doctor Ministries, Bluffton, Indiana


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