pastor rhettI was greatly encouraged as a participant in a recent Round Table of Church Doctor Ministries. Church Doctor Ministries founder, Kent Hunter, shared strategies for revitalization. Though I have to admit, I liked them, it was the last couple that really hit home. I’ve been to a lot of evangelism training seminars, most of which are about confrontational evangelism. But in a postmodern culture, those are very difficult to implement. Kent said, ‘Evangelism is not about knocking on doors of strangers, but seeing fruit from those in your member’s social networks.’ Pastors tend to feel a great sense of guilt when it comes to evangelism. Church Doctor Ministries reminds us that the mission field is the sum total of the unchurched contacts in our social networks. Hey, I knew that, I’ve preached that. However, I needed to hear that again. I am grateful for Church Doctor Ministries.

Rhett Payne, III, Senior Pastor, First Presbyterian Church, Meridian, MS


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