rupertHealthy Churches Thrive! is a marvelous tool to be able to help churches figure out once more what it is that they’re supposed to be about…. What it’s really about is bringing people back to Scripture.

We were expecting a program, and we’ve just been blown away. We’ve seen reconciliation. We’ve seen hearts soften, physical healing. We’ve seen God move in mighty ways. We’ve been able to open our hearts and minds to God’s will for us, and that’s what Healthy Churches Thrive! has done for us. We’ve been able to understand from a heart’s perspective what it is God wants from His people. We become clearer vessels of God’s grace to one another and to those outside the church — that’s where we’re seeing God’s blessings flow.

Rupert Loyd, Ph.D., Associate Pastor, Mayfair Plymouth Congregational Christian Church, Toledo, Ohio, Participant in Healthy Churches Thrive!


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