I was born in Pakistan. I lead POBLO International. Our mission is to reach Muslims and other ethnic immigrants in America. For the last 15 years, Church Doctor Ministries has consulted People of the Book International Ministries (POBLO) in Dearborn, Michigan. Their wealth of knowledge and understanding of Christian ministries, our needs, goals, opportunities, and challenges has played a crucial role in helping our ministry define and achieve our objectives. They interviewed our staff, researched and wrote a working manual that outlines the core values and philosophy of ministry of our organization. This document continues to serve our ministry as a guideline for how we approach and do ministry.

Church Doctor Ministries has worked with our staff in order to analyze our areas of giftedness, and they made suggestions as to how we can best coordinate and use our multiple gifts. People of the Book is indebted to Church Doctor Ministries for their belief in what we do and for the time and effort they have freely given to help advance our worldwide ministries.

Khurram Khan,  Executive Director, People of the Book Ministries, Detroit, Michigan


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