David BruceI went to Hot Springs this last July with Church Doctor Ministries. What impressed me most about LakePointe Church is the atmosphere. The worship team on the platform were sincerely worshipping, and getting everyone involved. They were genuinely excited about worship. I found their building interesting. It didn’t look like a typical church. It is in a former grocery store, in a shopping center. This helps them fulfill their goal to reach people churches don’t reach.

The pastor, Greg, was obviously very serious about mission and ministry. Before the worship service, he asked us to join him in his office and he had us kneel down on the cement floor and we prayed for a long time. He has a strong level of commitment. I’ve never heard of a church that uses a mixed martial art exhibit (with a ring in their parking lot) to reach unchurched people. It’s amazing when the preacher speaks from that ring to thousands of people during this outreach, which they have every year.

I was excited to see people of all different ages in this church. There were many young people. There was no dress code. People were obviously welcome, no matter what they wore. I really liked the laid-back atmosphere. They are obviously not judgmental. No wonder people attend and feel welcome!

I have never heard of a church, like this one, that has had almost two hundred baptisms for the year, already in July. If you want to see how God is working in a new way, how He is reaching the unchurched generation, go with Church Doctor Ministries to LakePointe in Hot Springs, Arkansas. It is inspirational!

David Bruce, Corunna, Indiana

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