pbobI have come to appreciate and respect Church Doctor Ministries’ passion for congregational ministry and the amazing amount of research they have done in order to assist churches to be healthier and experience growth. In my opinion they are among the leading experts on the subject of ministry to post-moderns. Founder, Kent Hunter has been a long-time friend and mentor to me. I have always found his theology and strategies to be profoundly biblical and practical.

In 2004 I travelled to Sheffield, England with Kent. There I saw the potential for spiritual life and growth in a congregation with roots in church orthodoxy and tradition. The insights I have gained from the staff at Sheffield and Kent’s teaching have profoundly changed my life and ministry for the better. I now approach my vocation with a passion and optimism I would have otherwise missed.

I will always be grateful that the Lord brought Kent Hunter and Church Doctor Ministries across my path.

Bob Shriner, Pastor, St. John Lutheran Church, Kendallville, Indiana


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