We at Church Doctor Ministries praise God for your prayers, your friendship and your financial support. We praise God for your partnership! We could not do this ministry without you. Please read this story from SEND Young Adult, Joshua.

JoshuaPWhen God is so near, as a friend so near, it is hard to see what is happening in the big picture. It becomes more day-to-day intimacy. Being with a friend, a natural response would be the desire to want to please that friend or know him more. In a relationship, there is no program or written code–it just simply is the nature of relationship. S.E.N.D. has been an incredible opportunity in offering an environment to foster the nature of relationship with Jesus through dates with God to build the relationship. It allows Him to really have a say as He speaks through the people I meet.

SEND Young Adult

All of this work is an act of worship for the cause of Christ. In your worship of the risen Christ, would you partner with us in these special ways?

He lives!

Kent R. Hunter, Founder
Tracee J. Swank, Leader

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