We at Church Doctor Ministries praise God for your prayers, your friendship and your financial support. We praise God for your partnership! We could not do this ministry without you. Please read this story from Pastor Larry of Greenfield, Indiana.

LarryGWhen our church split from its denomination over theological issues we suffered great conflict and loss. I was left with a major congregational “rebuilding project” in terms of spiritual health and numerical growth. I was personally confused about how best to “rebuild” or even if I should be the person to lead this new phase of the congregation’s history. I was seeking God’s guidance but was not getting a really sharp vision of the future.

I saw an ad for Church Doctor Ministries’ afternoon workshop for pastors and decided to attend. I have been to many church growth workshops and read many books on the subject. However, what I encountered with Church Doctor Ministries was a different perspective. They expressed optimism for the future of Christianity in America that I had not heard before. I could also tell that they had a heart for God. When I learned that they offer a Diagnostic Consultation, I became very interested. I shared the concept with my governing board and they were receptive. We knew we had to do some major work but were not confident in the “what” and “how” aspects of our planning. We were not afraid to “rock the boat” in terms of change, but wanted some confidence that the changes we proposed were backed by sound biblical reasoning and management theory.

Church Doctor Ministries’ assessment and recommendations were much welcomed and have provided new clarity, hope, and inspiration for the congregation (and my personal calling). We are excited about what God is doing here!

Pastor Larry,
Greenfield, Indiana

All of this work is an act of worship for the cause of Christ. In your worship of the risen Christ, would you partner with us in these special ways?

He lives!

Kent R. Hunter, Founder
Tracee J. Swank, Leader

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