How are you marking Holy Week? This is traditionally one of the busiest times for pastors, church staff teams, and lay leaders in churches. There is a lot of planning and preparation that goes into marking each day of Holy Week, and every pastor, worship leader, or church associate should be lifted up in prayer this week for answering the call to serve the local church. Please pray for your pastors, church staff teams, and lay leaders this week. Thank God for them!

In the ministry this week we are continuing to prepare for a number of different events and activities. We have several webinars and workshops on the calendar. Get a group of people together and consider attending!

Upcoming webinars: April 24, 25, 26 – More information

Turning Your Church Inside Out Workshops: April 22, April 25.

Leading from the center of God’s Will Workshop:  April 21.

Our Breakthrough Champion Campaign continues. We’re continuing our Spring campaign to help fund the teaching events and activities listed above. Your support helps us keep the cost down for these events. Your support means more church leaders, members, teams get access to tools, resources, and materials to help grow your church.

Our prayer for you is this week, in all the busyness of the week, you will be able to find time to thank God for Jesus and the cross. Our hope is this Easter season renews you and reminds you that because of Jesus and the cross we live!

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