Millennials are those between 18-29. They might be your children, or your grandchildren. If you are a millennial, you likely are reading this column online.

Millennials are children of the internet. As those born into an electronic world, they are natural networkers. It’s in their DNA.

Many young adults are heavily in debt, due to student loans. Millennials think globally. Nothing seems far away. Many have traveled beyond their country, either on Delta, or on Skype. They have inherited global warming, information overload, broken families, cyber theft, government gridlock, terrorism, eroded values, widespread secularization, and aging churches. No wonder many millennials want to make a difference more than they want to earn a paycheck. They are cause-driven and challenge-motivated.

Those millennials of faith are a growing army of spiritual potential. Most are unlikely candidates for seminary or Bible college. Many hunger for training and deployment for the cause of Christ. The networking in their DNA makes them ideal for short-term boot camp, hands-on training for ministry.

Most Christian millennials are unwilling to “play church.” They are spiritually connected through a relationship with Jesus Christ. They are relationally oriented to reach others and introduce them to Jesus. They represent great hope for a rekindling of the Christian faith. Most human traditions are not relevant to them. They will create their own forms and refresh the faith for other millennials. Authentic millennial Christianity holds great promise for a revival of Christianity, as young adults reach their peers.

Who do you know, 18-29 years old? Are they faithful to Christianity? You may want to invite them to check out This ten-month boot camp is hands-on training to become a Christian of impact. It changes lives forever. I know, my son went through this type of training. He and his young wife are now missionaries in Malaysia. They have joined other young adult Christians to plant a church. It is a few months old and there are already 250 in worship.

Not every SEND graduate works overseas. Some serve in their own communities. Some are full-time, serving in Christian ministries. Others are extraordinary volunteers at their churches.

Whenever there has been a great movement of Christianity, it has been fueled by young adults. Their energy is at the heart of the movement. Young adults led the Christian movement in the New Testament.

We take groups to England each year. They are exposed to the phenomenal movement of Christianity. Old cathedrals are now teeming with young adults. Many of the leaders are millennials. Some of the most meaningful Christian worship songs around the world are coming from young adults in England.

As a Christian, you should encourage millennials. Let them know that their generation is refueling Christianity around the globe. Tell them that they, too, can make a difference in our world.

Kent Hunter, founder of Church Doctor Ministries, is known as the Church Doctor. His most recent e-books are The Future Is Now and The J-Dog Journey, available at no cost. Contact him at (800) 626-8515, by emailTwitter, Facebook, or visit

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