207After working with a few thousand churches of all brands and sizes, I’m convinced: if Jesus was a Church Doctor consultant, His number one recommendation would be to get back to relational discipling. Why? (1) He modeled it. (2) Where it is practiced, churches experience breakthrough. (3) Many church leaders seem clueless about how to do it. (4) It speaks to the most significant roadblock to the expansion of Christianity.

In the January/February 2014 Church Doctor Report, I offer a story to show the breakthrough transformation Pastor Larry experienced in this area when he interviewed Jill for the position of Director of Discipleship. You may have the
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In the meantime, consider these 10 Ways to Develop Relational Discipling.

  1. Balance Spiritual Formation: Christianity is more caught than taught.
  2. Recognize you can’t mass produce disciples.
  3. Trust God that starting small and multiplying produces greater results than starting big and adding.
  4. Re-orient your ministry worldview: who you are is more important than what you do.
  5. Restructure ministry with a primary emphasis on relationships and a secondary focus on programs.
  6. Develop this philosophy of ministry: never do ministry alone.
  7. Gently simplify your church with fewer activities and shift efforts to disciple-making: equipping Christians and reaching unbelievers in a relational context.
  8. Help everyone in church discover, develop, and use their spiritual gifts, using this biblical approach as your operational compass for ministry involvement.
  9. Develop a culture of sharing “God stories” (witnessing) by asking, “What is God doing in your life lately?”
  10. Use this story as a discussion tool, in a relational setting with small groups of influencers in your church. Begin to change the culture. Access the story here.

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