Just a quick post for a challenge question for you today….

How are you leaving room for God in your ministry?

Several times over the last few days I have been in coaching conversations and strategic ministry implementation conversations where leaders share with me their visions, plans, goals, and strategies for ministry. I’ve also had conversations with fellow Christians who have been challenged by what is happening in the life of their church.

As I reflect on these conversations this week it occurred to me that many of these plans, strategies, and concerns were being expressed from humanness not holiness. Meaning, there were a lot of “I want” and “I think” conversation streams and very little reflection on God’s will and purpose. There was very little room left for God.

Consider this when you are feeling challenged to pursue a new idea, goal or vision or make a move in ministry. Not only do we run the risk of putting God in a box in ministry, we run the risk of not even inviting Him into the moving process. The next time you start a ministry conversation with “I want” or “I think” stop and ask yourself if you have made enough room in your thoughts and plans for God. Is it God’s will and purpose? Did you leave enough room in your strategy for God to work and really be at the center of what you’re doing?

How are you leaving room for God?

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