“Kent Hunter and Tracee Swank offer insights from over 30 years of observing, researching, and consulting local churches. They use these experiences and research to help Christians and churches reconnect to God’s call and vision for fulfillment of the Great Commission. Many churches pray, “Thy will be done on earth as in heaven” — this book will help you diagnose your church. It offers clear insights, steps, and tools to move toward living out Kingdom culture. A must read for those who want their church to be healthy, thrive, and have eternal impact in our culture.”

Scott Pattison, Lead Pastor, Sonrise Church, Fort Wayne, IN

Ignite your faith, and fire up your church to impact your world. This breakthrough book focuses on who you are, and who you can become. Pre-order your copy of Who Broke My Church?: 7 Proven Strategies for Renewal and Revival by Kent R. Hunter with Tracee J. Swank today.

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