This is the second in a series of blogs written by Church Doctor Ministries Leader Dr. Tracee J. Swank.

As Christians find themselves increasingly engaged in meeting church growth and outreach challenges in a rapidly changing world, a possible solution has been gaining momentum—Kingdom entrepreneurs. These individuals are more than just ordinary businesspeople; they are apostolic creators driven by a higher purpose. As part of a new vision at Church Doctor Ministries, we will be creating resources for churches to better understand how embracing Kingdom entrepreneurs could help the local church carry out the Great Commission. 

In this post we we’ll dive into the basics of Kingdom entrepreneurs, exploring their definition, their significance in the Kingdom of God, their role in fostering Kingdom growth, and how churches can take their first steps in embracing these transformative agents of change.

The term “Kingdom entrepreneur” might sound unfamiliar—or be misinterpreted as running a church like a for-profit business. However, the concept is rooted in a deep understanding of entrepreneurship with a spiritual perspective. A Kingdom entrepreneur can be defined as an apostolic creator—a visionary individual who integrates faith and values into business endeavors. Kingdom entrepreneurs are driven by a sense of purpose that transcends mere profit-making. They are committed to aligning their ventures with God’s plan for His Kingdom on Earth.

Kingdom entrepreneurs recognize that their gifts, talents, resources, and passions are meant to be stewarded for the greater good. These entrepreneurs understand that their organizations can be powerful instruments for spreading God’s love, justice, and compassion. Kingdom entrepreneurs create important platforms for holistic mission to be carried out. By infusing their ventures with missionfocused values, they become agents of transformation in the marketplace, touching lives and shaping communities in profound ways.

Kingdom entrepreneurs are often at the forefront of innovation and change. They see challenges as opportunities to create solutions that benefit both society and the Kingdom. Churches may find great value in engaging Kingdom entrepreneurs to leverage their creativity to bring about positive change and church growth potential.

We believe now is the time for churches to prioritize educating their congregations about the concept of Kingdom entrepreneurs. Seminars, workshops, and initial readiness assessments can help members understand the potential of merging faith and business. Kingdom entrepreneur awareness and education is one part of the larger new vision we believe God is calling us to as a ministry.

We’ll be sharing a lot more about this concept in future posts. Right now it’s important that we begin with the basic understanding that Kingdom entrepreneurs are apostolic creators who embody the integration of faith and business. Their significance in the Kingdom of God lies in their ability to bring transformation to the marketplace, advance God’s values, and influence culture. By fostering innovation, stewardship, empowerment, and cultural change, they play a vital role in God’s plan for His Kingdom. 

Churches can take initial steps to embrace Kingdom entrepreneurs by raising awareness, facilitating networking, and taking advantage of new resources. Our next post will present a new path to creating healthy spiritual communities to do just that.

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