What I’ve Learned in 18 Trips to England

England is a “classroom of the future” for American pastors, church leaders, and any Christians who want to help their churches make the transformational changes for effectiveness in a secular nation. The U.S. follows the U.K. spiritual cycle by about 20 years.

Biblical principles always remain—or your church declines. Methods to deliver those principles must always change—or your church declines.

As of this edition of the Church Doctor Report, leaders from Church Doctor Ministries have taken 18 trips to learn from the leaders of the rapidly growing movement of Christianity in England. The contrast is startling. Only 4% of the U.K. population claim church attendance. They mostly represent older people. Meanwhile, there are a few hundred churches that are rapidly growing, packed out for worship, multiplying sites, filled with Bible-believing, witnessing, excited young people as well as others of all ages.

This issue of the Church Doctor Report is a short summary of the magnitude of what we have learned about effective ministry reform to reach the secular world.

Read the full PDF version of this Church Doctor Report.

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