wine-259876_640When things are at their worst, Christians are at their best. When society reaches bottom, people become receptive.

Here’s what you can do: think about those in your own social network, who are functionally unchurched. Ask them, “What do you think it’s going to be like for your grandchildren?”  You will hear one of the key elements of American society: hopelessness. Our hope is in Christ, as believers. But without Christ, people are in despair.

Jesus talked about the harvest principle. In John 3, Jesus, after speaking to the woman at the well, addressed His disciples: “Look at the fields, they are ripe and ready for harvest.” He could have been speaking about the Samaritans that the woman was bringing to the well to meet the man who could be the Messiah, in her perception. He could be speaking of all the people of Israel, who were under the terrible domination of the Roman Empire.

Focus on your own church. What are you doing to prepare for the harvest, which is literally, already beginning? We welcome your comments below.

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