For non-profit ministries like Church Doctor Ministries donor support is vital to the health and stability of the organization. Every day, every day, we thank God for the support partners who graciously give to support our work with churches all over North America and ministry leaders around the world.

I was recently in the office of the leader of a mission agency who raises thousands of dollars to support the work of missionaries around the world. Above his desk he had a picture of Jesus Christ with the a small plaque below the picture with this quote from Hudson Taylor:

“God’s work done in God’s way will never lack God’s supply.”

That’s so true for our team. Our work with churches is a calling from God to do His work, following His will. God has been faithful to us and brought us through some extraordinarily challenging times in 2013. Like many other non-profit organizations times have been tight. We have seen miracles in our ministry and the ministries we work with. In fact, our very own team members have experienced the powerful healing of Jesus Christ first hand in 2013. It was God’s work, done His way. And God supplied.

Today on #GivingTuesday we ask you to support non-profit organizations and their important work. Support those organizations you know are doing God’s work, God’s way. Through you and the great blessings and power of the Holy Spirit those organizations will never lack God’s supply.

Any donation, whatever the amount, will be used to advance the mission of Church Doctor Ministries…

The transformational change of the Christian Church toward the effective implementation of the Lord’s Great Commission to make disciples of all peoples.

Please consider a tax deductible donation today in support of #givingtuesday. 

Thank you!


Tracee J. Swank, Leader Church Doctor Ministries

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