In John 5:19, Jesus tells the disciples, “I only do what I see the Father doing.” This is a central concept of Kingdom culture often overlooked among Christians, and in the operation of churches.

There are two choices to make decisions: (1) make a decision and pray that God will bless it; or, (2) watch where God is blessing and do that, see where God is moving and go there. The second approach is reflective of John 5:19. It creates a Kingdom culture of being a “God watcher.”

In the news, almost daily, we see the evil of ISIS: beheading innocent people, abducting young schoolchildren, burning people alive, acts of terrorism, crucifixions of innocent Christians. As God watchers, Kingdom Christians see this and ask, “What will God do with this?” The fundamental question is, “Can God use this awful behavior in a way that helps me reach people for Jesus Christ?” As God watchers, we should see a golden opportunity. Even out of evil, God can create good.

This is excerpted from the March/April 2015 Church Doctor Report. You may read the full report here.

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