Has your family doctor ever told you to lose weight? Quit smoking? Get more rest? Take your medicine? Get more exercise? Why would your doctor do that? You know: It’s for your own benefit.

As Church Doctors, we live, work, and breathe for healthy churches. Healthy churches are filled with spiritually healthy believers. Healthy believers are those who are nourished on the Word of God every day.

In your hectic life, could you find three to five minutes a day for a dose of God’s wisdom as it speaks to your challenges?

Announcing: An Apple a Day: A Daily Dose for Everyday Faith.

This daily devotional book includes these short infusions of God’s goodness. They:

  • relate to your challenges
  • provide a practical, spiritual prescription
  • give you a shot of relevant Scripture that speaks to that challenge

Every week there is a different theme. Themes are covered from seven different angles, for each day of that week. Seven different Scriptures speak to that theme, one each day.

This is not Christianity in theory. This is God’s Word speaking to your real-life issues. Over a period of one year, there are 52 themes—covered from seven angles, one each day for each week.

What are some of these themes?


And many others: 52 in all!

Want to improve your world? Strengthen your church? Want to experience more vitality for your daily faith? Invite everyone you know to take The Apple a Day Challenge: three to five minutes a day to impact life.

Want to impact unchurched friends, relatives, neighbors, those at work or at school? Invest in them for a year. Give them the gift of God’s wisdom: An Apple a Day will encourage them every day in an engaging, entertaining way. God’s Word is powerful. A daily dose will change their lives for good.

Get your copy of this brand new book resource today! Start increasing your Bible reading, spiritual formation, and discipleship by joining The Apple a Day Challenge and inviting everyone in your church to join the challenge. Bulk discounts are available by contacting info@churchdoctor.org.

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