Apple a day keeps the doctor away

Not long ago at a conference our ministry team attended we heard a well-known author, speaker, and researcher in movements in Christianity ask the audience to stop saying churches are dying because in his research he found that not to be true. I am sure you’ll read more about this research soon so I won’t go into all of the details except to say this. I agree. We are under a false, and very critical assumption about Christianity today.

Yes, there are churches closing their doors. However, many churches who think they are on the edge or close to dying may in fact just need a little boost in their understanding of their own health and vitality. We believe there are hundreds, in fact thousands of churches, on the edge of positive break through and movement momentum. They just need a little help to get there. We also know there are no quick fixes or magic bullets to turn around a church.

This is why we went to work to develop a tool for churches of any size, in any location, to help them understand their current condition related to spiritual formation, discipleship multiplication, and overall health and vitality.

The Church Health Assessment Tool offers a congregation an affordable way to get an in-depth analysis done on their church. Just like getting a complete physical from your medical doctor, a Church Doctor will analyze your results and present to you a written report for your congregation. Your entire congregation participates in the process and will learn about the health and vitality of your church in nine key areas. Your Church Doctor will then help you determine some next steps to consider.

Our hope is this tool will be a way for congregations to have a better understanding of their own health and vitality. Transformational change doesn’t happen overnight and doesn’t come from the latest trend or program that worked for the church down the road. It’s critical for churches to understand who God has called and gifted them to be. God is moving and blessing in congregations all over North America. He has great plans for those who seek out His will and His purpose in mission. Our prayer is this tool will become a catalyst for churches to discover how God is still blessing and working in their church.

We believe there is still great hope for the local church. Many churches possess great potential to reach the community they are called to serve. The Church Health Assessment could be the turning point in the life of a church.

If you are interested in more information about this new assessment tool, please contact Terry Atz at 1.800.626.8515 or email Jason at


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