WorshipIn the classic book Experiencing God, Henry Blackaby describes two different ways of planning: 1) think up an idea and pray like crazy for God to bless it; or, 2) look where God is already blessing and join Him there. This is an essential, biblical principle for ministry. Jesus taught in John 5:19, “I’m telling you this straight. The Son can’t independently do a thing, only what he sees the Father doing. What the Father does, the Son does” (The Message).

This is our approach at Church Doctor Ministries. We are “God watchers,” and for almost 40 years, we have made journeys all over the world where God is blessing the church. For the last 12 years, Church Doctor Ministries has taken church leaders from North America to England so they can see, feel, and become infected by the Spirit with the DNA of mission and revival! This is Jesus’ approach — catch what cannot be taught.

Join the 2014 Manchester & Sheffield, England Mission Excursion travel team. Applications are now being accepted for the June 5-12, 2014 trip, Trip features include the following:

  • Pioneering Ministries, Manchester – During this Immersion Excursion, you will be exposed to cutting-edge ministries that are pioneering, new ways of spreading the Gospel and making disciples. We have partnered with these exciting ministries.Their leaders will share with you how they are engaging their communities!
  • St. Thomas Crookes, Sheffield – God has given St. Thomas a unique approach,to “live life better” in relationship with God. Jesus lived a balanced life in three dimensions: UP-IN-OUT.
    UP: The time He spent with God His Father;
    IN: The time He spent with His disciples, His community of faith, His friends;
    OUT: The time He spent with those in need in the world, showing them in word and action the better life He came to bring.

Now is the time! If you have been waiting to commit to joining the 2014 travel team to England, do not hesitate any longer! Join Church Doctors Kent Hunter and Tracee Swank to experience this Immersion Excursion. We have a limited number of spaces, and they will fill up quickly. Find the brochureapplication, free Immersion Excursion Booklet by Kent Hunter, and obtain more information here or contact Kenzie Hackelberg at 1.800.626.8515.


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