Hopeless in America: Opportunity for Outreach

This issue focuses on the power of Christian hope. It demonstrates how God works among unchurched people who are in a season of hopelessness. Hopelessness is the unique environment for receptivity to the gospel. Church leaders can use this issue to help members learn about this special opportunity for outreach. It works for those in your social network. It also has implications for times when entire nations are discouraged and hopeless, or even pessimistic.

This issue unpacks a useful strategy to reach a certain generation, whether they be the elderly, or millennials caught in environmental circumstances that cause them to be hopeless. As a Christian, our hope is in Christ. Therefore, we rise above challenging times. No wonder 1 Peter 3 says, “Be ready at all times to share the hope that is within you.” This issue describes the opportunities for sharing Jesus Christ to those who are struggling to find hope.

Read the full PDF version of this Church Doctor Report.

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