coins-952540_640The preacher went into WalMart and bought some goods. When he got his change from the cashier, he took his goods and started walking to the parking lot, counting his change. He continued to count it over and over again and something didn’t seem right. By the time he realized what was going on, he was already out in the parking lot. Finally he realized that they had given back to him, in change, more money than he had gave them in the first place. So, he put his goods in the car, went back into the store and went back to the cashier. He said, “You made a mistake, you gave me too much money back.” “No, I didn’t” said the cashier, “I was in your church last Sunday and I heard you preach about honesty. I didn’t make a mistake. I was testing you!”

Source: Kent R. Hunter adapted from Mark Ruppert, First Presbyterian Church, Akron, Ohio

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