new-years-day-1086902_640As this year comes to a close, another begins.  The Lord gives us another new year.  What for?

The disciples asked Jesus, “When will the end come?”  Jesus said there would be “wars, rumors of wars, earthquakes…but that will not be the end.”  Only when “this gospel, the good news about Jesus, is witnessed to everyone: then the end will come.”  Get it?  According to Jesus, all history swings on the hinge of reaching people for Jesus.

You could say that reaching people for Jesus is the most important reason we can look forward to 2016.

We at Church Doctor Ministries are focused completely on that!  Helping Christians and churches reach people for Jesus.  We can’t do it alone.  It takes partners in prayer and finance.

We are building a network to reach thousands of Christians, to share Jesus with tens of thousands of unbelievers. Jesus will change their lives forever!

We have been given a $150,000 challenge to match—a gift from a man who wants what Jesus wants for America.  Your generous gift is essentially doubled!  Thank you for praying and working with us, through your support!

In Christ!

Kent R. Hunter                                                           Tracee J. Swank
Founder, Church Doctor Ministries                        Leader, Church Doctor Ministries

Give online using the PayPal button above or send your gift to:
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You may use your Thrivent Choice Dollars to support Church Doctor Ministries. Eligible members of Thrivent Financial who have been designated Choice Dollars can designate
Church Doctor Ministries as the recipient.
Go to or call 800-THRIVENT
and state “Thrivent Choice.”
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To support our ministry with prayer, please contact Jason Atkinson and request to join our ministry prayer partner network.

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