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Most people in America today are somewhere between concerned and scared about the future. Domestic violence, jails overflowing, drug addiction at epidemic proportions, government gridlock, a national debt beyond comprehension, the disintegration of the nuclear family, and threats from ISIS. It is a troubling mess! Remember this: no army could defeat the mighty Roman Empire. It died from moral decay and internal dry rot. However, as Rome died, the church was born. The church grew and took over the Mediterranean world. At Church Doctor Ministries, we help churches, by God’s power, change lives. This is the real issue behind the challenges faced by this nation and our world.

Thank you for your unwavering commitment to helping Church Doctor Ministries help churches  — we couldn’t have done it without you! You may continue helping by prayerfully considering a #GivingTuesday donation at the donate button below.ECFA_Accredited_Final_RGB_ET2_Small

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