What is a BQ?

From our vast research among Christians, most share a relatively low Bible quotient. It doesn’t mean they have lost their love for Jesus. It doesn’t reflect their lapsed church attendance. They don’t sleep through sermons.

Look, over the last 40 years, our Church Doctors have interviewed more than 100,000 Christians in 78 denominational, nondenominational, and independent churches throughout North America. In these half-hour and one-hour confidential interviews, we have heard a lot about lack of Bible knowledge confidence.

How would you answer these questions?

  • When it comes to Bible knowledge, would you say you (1) are an expert; (2) know a lot; (3) have some knowledge of Scripture; (4) have a little knowledge of the Bible’s content?
  • As a follower of Jesus, do you ever wish you knew more about the Bible?
  • Do you ever face one of the hundreds of challenges in life and wonder, “What would God say to me from Scripture?”

What are the challenges every Christian faces when it comes to Bible knowledge?

  • It’s a lot of material.
  • Some of it is harder to read than other parts.
  • Some Christians have an older version of Scripture that uses many words we don’t use anymore. (The meaning is powerful, but the form is difficult.)
  • Life is busy and we don’t take time—or make time.
  • It’s great every church has “experts” that preach and teach from the Bible, but we get a short dose only 52 times a year—or less.

The Apple a Day Challenge

We at Church Doctor Ministries want to help. So, we developed The Apple a Day Challenge. It takes three to five minutes a day to get a dose of Scripture. Each reading begins with a challenge most of us face at one time or another. It is followed by a Church Doctor’s “prescription,” based on a Bible passage that teaches about it. Three to five minutes a day! A daily dose for everyday faith. Challenge everyone in your church to invest a few minutes each day to grow spiritually, and empower your church with increased vitality.

At Church Doctor Ministries, we know that a stronger church begins with spiritually healthy people. Take The Apple a Day Challenge. Encourage your friends to do the same.

Three to five minutes a day: the power of God’s Word—applied to real life!

Get your copy of this brand new book resource today! Start increasing your Bible reading, spiritual formation, and discipleship by joining The Apple a Day Challenge and inviting everyone in your church to join the challenge. Bulk discounts are available by contacting info@churchdoctor.org.

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