autumn-986710_1920Happy Thanksgiving!  Have you thought about all you’re thankful for?  Did you include your faith?  Jesus’ forgiveness?  New life?  Your hope in Christ?

That hope is priceless and precious.  Our society is disturbing and seems to be disintegrating.  As Christians, our hope is in Christ.  Yet, so many do not have Christ.  In fact, the vast majority do not know Christ.  Most of those people are utterly hopeless!

Our nation is at a critical point.  We talk to so many people who agree.  There is a lot of concern.  But here is what you need to know: “When things are at their worst, Christians are at their best.”  When unbelievers are hopeless, God can get their attention.  The Lord’s harvest is ripe right now!

God touches lost and hopeless people through Christians, through churches.  At Church Doctor Ministries we help churches develop strategies that work to reach non-Christians for Christ.

We need to step it up—help more churches, reach more people.  Would you help us, through a generous Thanksgiving gift? “Giving Tuesday” is next Tuesday, December 1st.  We can’t do this without help.  Your prayers and your financial gifts will be a real “Thanksgiving for ministry.”  Together, we make a difference!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Kent R. Hunter                                            Tracee J. Swank
Founder, Church Doctor Ministries         Leader, Church Doctor Ministries


Thanksgiving Support and Prayer Opportunities
Prayer Support: 
Join our prayer network by emailing your contact information to Jason Atkinson.
Thanksgiving Financial Gift Options
Financial gifts may be mailed to:
Church Doctor Ministries
Box 145, 1230 US Hwy Six
Corunna, IN 46730

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