Greeting in Christ!

Can you imagine how those who followed Jesus must have felt on that Friday evening and Saturday? Innocent, loving, wonderful Jesus: betrayed and butchered on a cross. It probably felt like a pandemic without vaccines. Remember, from our perspective, we know: Easter was coming. They didn’t!

With Jesus’ resurrection, there is hope—reality, beyond the grave. We at Church Doctor Ministries pray for you, personally, as we sign this letter. We pray that you are healthy, stay healthy, continue to trust in Jesus, and feel Easter hope that overcomes all disease, sin, political strife, loss of loved ones, and death itself.

Remember this: In disruptive times, unbelievers become more receptive for the Hope you have—whether they know who He is or not yet. There is a spiritual window of opportunity coming, and it is already here. For us at Church Doctor, it feels like Friday. We have weathered the disruptive storm and continued to work for the churches. And we find ourselves near the end of our financial rope. Yet, we believe: Easter is coming. Though we can’t see how, we know the best days of helping churches reach people for Jesus are ahead. We walk by faith, not by sight.

Would you pause for a moment and pray that we receive the privilege of continuing to serve the Lord’s churches, to help them reach the lost. And still, we shout to you: Happy Easter! The Lord lives!

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Kent R. Hunter, Founder

Tracee J. Swank, Leader

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